This is the birth of your child. Own it!

As I sit here today, I wait on two extraordinary women to begin labor.  They are in different situations, have different families, are seeing separately unique care type providers, and live thousands of miles apart. Neither of them suspected today would be Labor Day, yet they are both faced with knowing they will birth their children in the coming hours or days.  

Things happen. As much as I trust a woman’s body to carry and deliver her child unaided, I also am beyond grateful for the advanced medical care we have available to us.  

Just because the date is not what you expected, or the situation is different than you imagined, please don’t let this experience go.  Don’t chalk it up to bad luck.  Don’t say next time will be different (and it most likely will). Don’t wish away your experiences! Be present still. Ask questions. Continue to make educated decisions about your care!

  • B – what are the BENEFITS?
  • R – what are the RISKS?
  • A – what are the ALTERNATIVES?
  • I – what does my INTUITION say?
  • N – what happens if I do NOTHING? 

A medically intervened birth is not a failure.  Real devastation lies in a woman not being educated or supported in labor. There is tragedy in the loss of human rights in childbirth. There is suffering where there is not informed consent.  There is sorrow in the loss of life.  


There is power in the voice of a laboring woman. There is strength in her words.  There is the legacy of every mother and grandmother above her sharing in this childbirth experience. There is support from family and friends who come around her as she finds the power deep within herself to carry on. 

And the love. Oh the love. There is nothing like it. And you will want to do it all over again because the love!  

So go forth. Be empowered. Surround yourself with support. And love that baby! 

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