This is the birth of your child. Own it!

As I sit here today, I wait on two extraordinary women to begin labor.  They are in different situations, have different families, are seeing separately unique care type providers, and live thousands of miles apart. Neither of them suspected today would be Labor Day, yet they are both faced with knowing they will birth their […]

The real joy of a vbac

I am the mother of two boys born through a cesarean birth.   I have a seriously soft spot for moms seeking a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean).  I am a doula, I have experience with childbirth, I have steadily attended births for the past 4 years, I passionately research and obsess over childbirth.  I did […]

my path

  My husband and I were young and attending grad school together up in Massachusetts. We were one year away from graduation when we found out we were pregnant! Despite the seemingly bad timing, we were actually quite ecstatic.  We knew we wanted to have kids and trusted that everything would fall into place however […]