Fresh Starts

Hey I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions (or almost-February resolutions) but I do love the idea of fresh starts and blank slates.  I like to start each morning knowing that it is a brand new day full of possiblities – even if I roll out of bed every morning grudgingly walking blindly to the coffeemaker with my PJs on. So today, my kids went to their grandparents and I had some serious alone time.  Time to sit around, read a murder mystery novel, eat leftovers by myself, watch movies I DVRed a month ago, AND get a plan in place for my Lamaze certification.  

I figured I needed to get it in writing so I am more likely to follow through and have some accountability.  So this April I take my Lamaze exam and hopefully by the end of the year I will be a LCCE.   I’ve been doula-ing for a while now and I am ready to take the next step to serve my clients here in Pittsburgh.  Yay for fresh starts!!!

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